• Katie Parapugna

Having Fun & Giving Back

Event planning has always been something I've loved doing. For years I've been told that I should start my own event planning business, but it has never felt like the right time or I was too nervous to go out and do it on my own. Whether it was my own bridal shower, wedding or baby shower I've always had to have a hand in how the party was decorated and how all of the details would be laid out. Some could say it's because I'm a control freak, but really I just love doing it.

Luckily this past year, Tara and I connected and everything just seemed to fall in to place. We shared the same passion and excitement for party planning and when we put on events together we just had fun.

After talking it over, it was an easy decision. We love putting on events and even more than that, we love giving back to the community. So that became the focus of our new venture - Loving what we do and giving back while we do it. A portion of all proceeds, whether it's from a large scale fundraiser event or planning a birthday party, will be donated to charity.

Starting this business still feels like such a large undertaking, but it's one we are really looking forward to taking on.


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